Monday, October 01, 2007

Sleep-Snacking: Ambien, Sonata, Rx Weirdness

After writing about my sleep-snacking experience, several people told me that what I was doing sounded like what people have been reported to do while on Ambien. You could read more about these stories here. It's pretty amazing.


* A friend of mine has taken Ambien recreationally and said that it was a pretty good time, although he didn't eat anything weird. Sonata is a sleep aid with less interesting side-effects, but I think I like its name way better than Ambien. Ambien just sounds like it will make you eat mud in the middle of the night or something. The names of pharmaceuticals have always seemed strange to me. Like, if you hear the name of a modern manufactured drug, you usually know that it is a pharmaceutical even if you aren't sure what it does. It's like its own weird genre of made-up word. Zelapar, Zidoval, Zithromax, Zyban, Zenapax, Zofran, these are just a few of the ones that begin with the letter Z. Why do they all sound like robot names? I was going to name my robot Zoladex, but that name is already taken by a prescription drug.

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