Monday, October 01, 2007

Haha no Hi

mother's day

Notes on this:

Frame 2: Photoshopped.

Frame 4: Job Jar is a "game" that my mother used to make us "play" in which you get everyone together and pick slips of paper with chores written on them from a jar. It is actually kind of fun, because some of the slips of paper say stuff like "watch TV on the couch for 15 minutes" although most of them say "vacuum the stairs" or "dust the living room." She invented this game, and still gets comically enthusiastic about playing it with her grown children. The last time we played it was like a few years ago.

Frame 5: This is a reference to a story that my mother sometimes tells about how when she was little her dad (or was it her mom?) was introducing all of the children to a friend, and saying what they do, and the children were being introduced s/he was saying things about the children's accomplishments, like "Richard, he is a genius at the stock market (I am making these things up, I don't remember what the actual accomplishments were), Paul, Paul is a champion runner, and Patty is the smartest girl in her grade. And Barbara, well, Barbara is our happy child." She felt bad, because all that her mother/father had to say about her was that she was really happy. We all know that she has gone on to accomplish many things in addition to being happy, but what's funny is that I think now she probably realizes that there are very few things more important than the ability to be happy in life.

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