Monday, October 01, 2007

Open Source WikiHairCut

n the spirit of being a total dork (what else is new), and in the spirit of user-based content editing a la Wikipedia, I have decided to make my new haircut user-editable.
I started it out with my clippers yesterday, and I have been inviting people who have scissors to make changes to it. I cordially invite you to do the same, because it probably still needs some work.

Here's where it's at right now, accompanied by that one cool song by The Microphones:

If you can find me, you can edit my haircut. I seriously do not care. I believe that the will of the people will result in a decent haircut, in the same way that Huey Lewis has a decent Wikipedia entry. I trust "many eyes to see what one pair of eyes might miss" and, the Good Lord willing, some ridiculous fashionistas will edit my haircut into the next new thing.

Also, Super Bowl Party. My house. This Sunday. You know what to do.

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