Monday, October 01, 2007

Puttin' on the Rit' (pt. 1)

In keeping with the pharmaceuticals theme, I present to you a three-part story of my one-time experience with a little med known as Ritalin. This happened about a year ago, and now I can look back on it and laugh, in that "what on earth was I thinking?" sort of way, but at the time it was for the most part really really annoying. Ritalin is weird because it makes hyperactive kids calm down even though it is similar to speed. I guess I don't have ADD, because here is what it did to me:

Ritalin A

To be continued tomorrow, and the day after that.


Although it is probably obvious to you at this point, I just realized as I re-read this that at no point in this comic do I ever mention that I actually took the Ritalin. I did, so imagine it is there, before the words "I went home and started reading."

Frame 2: It may seem like the person suggesting this to me was ill-informed or irresponsible, but this is actually not the case. She is actually very informed, very responsible, and a very faithful Latter-day Saint, which I think makes this story so much stranger.

I later found out this Ritalin was Italian. I don't know what it is about this detail that I find to be so funny. I guess it's just so typical of said friend that she would have Italian Ritalin. Not that she has exotic meds, just that she has exotic stuff in general.

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