Monday, October 01, 2007

My Friends Used To Throw Some Pretty Sweet Dinner Parties

And I had some pretty dorktastic hair.

And what on earth were we drinking?


High school was so nightmarishly awesome (in the truest, non-Bill and Ted sense of the word "awesome"). The other day I did the calculations, and here's what I came up with: I would repeat high school again for $240,000. Like, if there were some reality show where they made adults repeat high school and they asked me how much it would cost to get me repeat all four years, that would be my price. I figure the work would at least be easier this time around. Or would it? That's kind of the premise of the show. Sure, making friends would be awkward and difficult and you have to wake up kind of early, but you get to do whatever you want during study hall, and it's all over by around 3pm. If I could do it all over, I would have taken more wood shop and vocational classes. I sometimes wish I knew a trade. You know what they call electricians in Australia? Sparkies. Yeah, pretty cool-sounding, huh? Being a sparky sounds like a pretty cool gig. It might not get you invited to fancy dinner parties, but you will always have a job with a good title.


Chris Foresman said...

Wow, talk about kickin' it old-school. Is that Paul Campbell? I just saw him two weeks ago in Lafayette.

M. H. D. said...

Yep, that's P.C. Is he back in Lafayette for a while, or just visiting?