Monday, October 01, 2007

Sometimes a Forest Fire is Just Supposed to Burn

Whoa! Sorry for the drama club title. It's just that I saw a forest fire, off in the distance. I wondered if it was one of those or not.

As I suspected, Chuck Klosterman's Fargo Rock City is a delicious read. Culture, teenage stories, and the clever dissection of the phenomenon of heavy metal. I want to read it slowly so that it won't end. Although it is really good, it is good in the way that makes me want to write stuff myself. Like a record that spawns a million garage bands, this book makes me want to write about music.

The radio stations in Puerto Rico are great. They play music that just goes really well with driving around in Puerto Rico. Do they realize how well it fits? Do people from India arrive in the United States and upon hearing Nickelback on the radio think to themselves "Thank you for pleasantly confirming my expectations with your regionally flavored music"? If it's Nickelback, then I am afraid not. Garth Brooks maybe. Whether we like it or not, country is American and only American music. Unlike rock, jazz, blues, and other American-born styles of music, not too many people in other parts of the world have tried to co-opt the country music genre. I wonder why.

We just heard a Justin Timberlake song with a weird Spanish rap in the middle that I think might be special.

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