Monday, October 01, 2007

Spirit Friend Kai


*According to the Reiyukai websites in English, they say it means "Spiritual-Friendship-Association." Not quite the meaning I had mind based on those three characters, but I guess they are more entitled to cull meaning from it than I am. Also, there doesn't seem to be any talk of communication with "spirit friends" on these websites, although the woman who I met who used to practice this religion seemed to make it seem like that was something that most people experienced. Maybe they are just getting with the times, trying to be less into ghosts and stuff. Booooring.

Also, to clarify the meaning of the last sentence, the rapper Mos Def is not my spirit friend. Not that he doesn't have a good spirit, but I don't think he's dead yet. Not that you have to be physically dead to be a spirit friend, (at least by my definition) but I just don't know the dude on either level. Yet. The youth of America have told me that "mos def" can also be used as a short way of saying "most definitely."

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