Monday, October 22, 2007

Redheaded Twins of Luck

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when I am done teaching my Japanese class on the 4th floor of the Geology Building, I walk to Woodburn Hall (home of the famously controversial mural depicting Indiana history which contains clansmen doing klanny things). Every time I make this walk I see two redheaded twins, brother and sister, walking together very closely, always laughing about something, kind of rolling their eyes about something, as if the class they just got out of was taught by an actual circus clown. They always seem to be in a really good mood, and they are always walking right next to each other. When twins of the same gender look alike, I simply think they look alike because they are supposed to look alike, after all they are twins. But I think that twins of different genders are way more interesting. They are interesting because they allow you to see what the true characteristics of gender are (it also always makes me wonder what I would look like if I had been born a girl, and then I inevitably think about how different my life would be if I had been a girl, then I inevitably think about what types of boys I would be into, and then it's just weird, I know). These twins that I always see, they just look so much alike despite being brother and sister. They both have short red hair, they both wear basically the same kinds of clothes, and they act like total BFF. Every time I see them, I kind of feel like it's a scene from a David Lynch movie or something. I literally see them every single time I make the walk from Geology to Memorial. I consider them to be a good luck charm, because they look so happy, and it touches my heart to see a brother and sister being such good friends. Are there other people who I also see every time I make this walk, but I don't recognize them because they aren't so twinny? Could be, but I don't think so. These twins are symbolic of something, I'm pretty sure.

I wish I could get a picture of them. Would it be weird to just get a snapshot one morning while they are walking? Um, yes. Of course. I won't do it. I guess it won't happen.

People I know who are twins:
Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Danny DeVito (well, I don't know them, but I saw their movie).
Jim Zespy has a twin brother named Jeff. Like Arnold and Danny, they do not look alike at all.
I guess that's it.

Famous twins in music:
It turns out that Kelley and Kim Deal are twins. I didn't know that.
Two of the three Bee-Gees are twins.
Matthey and Gunnar Nelson are twins. All this time I just thought they were brothers who looked a lot alike. Wow.
Those dudes from Blonde Redhead, of course.
The two sisters in Múm.

Famous twins from G.I. Joe:
Tomax and Xamot. When one gets hurt the other feels pain.


sarah k. said...

Zander, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has a twin brother. They're identical, so when they did the one with the ubercool Zander and the ubernerdy Zander, they just brought in his brother to play one of them.

Daren said...

Don't know anything about their music, but the Watson twins are twins...I think! Or it could be a gimmick!

fumiko said...

i believe you forgot to mention my brothers although i'm not sure they qualify as "twins of luck" although they are certainly redheaded...

fumiko said...

also, the fact that tomax is xamot spelled backwards. this taps into another young obsession of MHD... palindromes.

M. H. D. said...

The Gordon Twins! How could I forget? They were probably the most famous twins at our high school. Gordon Twins sightings were lucky for some people, members of the football team for example.

Ahh, palindromes, my first true love. It was 10th grade geometry where that all became apparent. I went back to West Side to visit my sister a few years ago, and I saw Mr. Warner. He totally remembered my palindrome obsession and checked up to see how that was going.