Monday, October 01, 2007

Water is a Feeling

Although I wasn't initially bonkers about the whole bottled water craze, I guess one good side of it is that people are actually drinking the stuff. Walking home just now I saw a man, a man who seemed like kind of a jerk, but he was tilting his head back drinking bottled water. I thought less ill of him because he was a water drinker. He was drinking water instead of Mountain Dew or Diet Coke or some other jerk beverage. It really seems that people are drinking more and more water these days. And that is cool. Their kidneys will thank them. I just don't think it should be the same price as Coke. I know that the cost of beverages is like 98% about advertising and just getting the stuff to wherever you buy it, but still, it just doesn't seem right that it's the same price as something with so many other hard-to-find ingredients like carbonation and caramel color and brominated vegetable oil (a strange ingredient found in most citrus-flavored sodas, I wonder why?).

In Dasani, the last ingredient is salt. Even before I knew this, I kind of suspected it. For some reason, Dasani feels slightly heavier and thicker than regular water to me. It is actually among my favorite bottled waters, although I don't usually buy that stuff. Calistoga is also pretty good though.

Oh yeah, and those flavored Dasani waters are terrible. Chances are, you are hearing this information too late. Why must you put Splenda in everything, you stupid gringos!

Listen to "The Water Song" by The Incredible String Band. It will all make sense.

Also, after reviewing the Travel Channel's top 10 water parks, Andrew Restrepo and I both agreed with their assessment that Schlitterbahn is the coolest water park in the world. We haven't been there, but that's just the feeling we got. Water is a feeling. Especially when it is giving you a wedgie at 20 mph on a free-fall extreme waterslide.

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