Monday, October 01, 2007

Produce: Are You Responsible Enough?

Buying produce is a committment. Are you adult enough to make sure that if you buy a cucumber you will actually eat it before it goes bad? Sometimes produce can really be a huge commitment. Especially parsley and cilantro. You know I love parsley. Parsley costs like 50 cents for a bunch that is more than I would ever know what to do with. I am constantly throwing the stuff away, I just cannot eat it fast enough, and I consider myself to be a real parsley fan. Maybe I need some parsley-eating roommates.

Same thing with Spinach.

Do you ever wonder if people realize what it is they are doing, if at some point in their lives it occurs to them that "I have become that guy?" For example, do bag ladies realize they are bag ladies only shortly after stealing a shopping cart because they just have too many bags to carry by hand? And then you just kind of accept it? You say to yourself, "I always sort of wondered how people become bag ladies. Now I get it!" Men across America are saying to themselves "I always wondered how middle-aged men become such boring a-holes, but like, now I get it." "I always wondered why someone would need a restraining order, but now I get it." "I always wondered why people live in gated communities, but now I get it." You get it.

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