Monday, October 01, 2007

Best Package EVER

Scandalous title, I know. But holy carp! After getting home from Thanksgiving, I found a box at my door. A package from the awesomest dude in the universe, former roommate, former Jimmy John's co-worker and swell guy, Matt Meehan.

Matt is living in Germany right now, and I had told him that I liked Bionade ("the unique non-alcoholic refreshment drink for wellness and fitness"). Well, Matt sent some Bionade, as well as a cornucopia of German candy awesomeness. Matt is a fellow connisseur of weird candy (for example, we once finished entire servings of Bomvaso in a bowling alley), so he really came through with this stuff. Behold!

The mighty Bionade!

A collage of exotic deliciousness! Anyone for some Schoko-Bananen? There are plenty!

The weird stuff! LOOKO-LOOK COLASPAGHETTI!?!?!? Yesssssssss!

Little Kinders everywhere.

Matt even left a note explaining everything. Too bad it's like kind of unreadable. Somebody buy me a scanner, ok?
Come over and eat this stuff with me. I will write more later.

Thanks MEEHAN!!!

Pppaging Pppatrick!

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