Monday, October 01, 2007

Da Gift Dat Keeps on Givin', or I'm Dreaming of a White and Nerdy Christmas

Ahh, Christmas at the Dixon domicile. What an strange, graceful mix of tradition and variation it has become.

As a joke, I got my dad a DuRag (tm) brand do rag as one of his Christmas presents. Watch as the event unfolds:

"Well, this is nice. Just what I always wanted. What is this?"

"A 'do rag! Great. Now, how do you put this thing on?"

My mom comes on the scene, and since she is a little bit more "street" than my dad, she helps him put it on. Dad's all like "what's that thing that rappers do with their hands?"

Having mastered the rapper hand motions, dad is in full effect. That strainer full of green beans in his lap really makes him look like he is keeping it real.

Dad wore the rag for most of the day. When our neighbors came over, the husband said "Oh, you look like Sinbad" and then he made allusions to things like big bass car stereos and so i thought that he meant that he looked like the comedian Sinbad, although I never really remembered him wearing a do rag. Then, later, neighbor husband said something like "Hey Sinbad, lead us to that hidden treasure!" and I was like, wait a minute, this guy is totally talking about something completely different here. Different Sinbad. So, I'm not really sure which one he was actually talking about, or if he was talking about both, and his train of thought was just too fast for us to follow. What do you think? We have to leave tomorrow, so I won't get the chance to find out for sure, but if you happen to live in the Lafayette area, just go directly across the street from my parents' house and ask them. The more I think about it, the more I want to get to the bottom of this Sinbad thing. I mean, what the hell.

In other news:

Here I am cutting a present open with a hugest of the knives in the knife set my sister gave me. Yes, there is a santoku knife in the set. If you know what that is, you know what that is. Why am I smirking?

Bonus: My sister wearing do rag.

Super Bonus:
Our family's funniest friend, Chad Provonsha has a go with the do rag.
Chad Provonsha

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