Monday, October 01, 2007

Four Squares

Hello you. Here are some audios.
Things weigh in heavy tonight.
Such huge positivity and negativity all at once.
It is great to be back home, to be with my family.
I guess I just realize how easy it is to get hurt.
Physically and emotionally, we are fragile little creatures.
But somewhere in there is a miracle, because we do such wonderful things.
We forget the hurt, fight off the boredom, and overcome our burdens.
I see it all around, what a vivid thing it is to be alive.
Even when getting virtually punched in the gut, I can't complain.
The spirit of thanksgiving and hope. And the freedom of forgiveness.

A song about a dream.

A cover. I got yelled at once on a rock band tour for playing this one on the stereo too much.

An interview with Andrew Restrepo about Regina Spector.

And of course, a song about Home Alone.

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