Monday, October 01, 2007

30 Seconds To Jordan Catalano - Update!

I think that I have just seen the most embarrassing/awesome music video ever. I had heard that Jordan Catalano from My So-Called Life had a band, but I didn't know they had a video and stuff (or that they were the kind of band that wears makeup). Forget EchoBrain, the future is Thirty Seconds To Mars. Just as that one My Chemical Romance song loosely rips of Saving Private Ryan (my shameful love for this song will never die), this one rips of The Last Emperor but also mixes in some Crouching Tiger sword fight action for good measure. I think that Jordan Catalano also might have a secret love affair WITH A GHOST in this video. This video was so pretentious and so bad that my jaw just dropped with how extremely terrible it is. In what situation would this band of makeup-clad 35 year-olds find themselves walking through huge lines of sword-wielding Asians? What kind of world are they from? I love it.

So, you go to their website, and there's a link for watching the video in surround sound. I was like, ok yeah. I found the following quote:

"I thought that shooting in China would be the perfect setting to explore the visual possibilities for this song. The depth of their history, the beauty of the culture and the passion of the people inspired a story that left us as a band changed forever."
- Jordan Catalano (wears makeup, and also claims to act under the pseudonym Jared Leto)


And then, you are allowed to download the video for only $2.99! Wha!?!

I was hoping I could link to some video of the music video, but it looks like I am out of luck. And YOU are out of luck! Hopefully some YouTube user will give us the pleasure soon.

Update: I just found a way to watch the video on, and it's 12 minutes long! There is a lot that I was missing the first time, that's all I will say about that. Still incredibly embarrassing. Wow. Go to and you will surely find it in a minute. Do yourselves the favor! So monumentally terrible. Why do I never write about music that I actually like? I think bad music is just so much more inspiring, especially when it is like this.

Double Update: Found It! Complete with behind-the-scenes "making of" footage!

Someone left an amazing comment on YouTube:

This just keeps getting better and better. This is quite possibly the stupidest, most pretentious music video of all time, and I am so lucky to be alive to witness it.

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