Monday, October 01, 2007

Libros en Inglés

Holiday reading. It sounds nice, but I didn't actually do any (except for one notable exception that I will tell you about later) but I did get some books that I intend to read in 2007.

Here's what I gots.

Numero Uno awesome book is The Art of Hand Shadows. This was given to me by Susan Chamberlain, who by the way kicks ass and has really cool friends. Remember how she said that she would explain to me her theory on why I love My Chemical Romance so much? Well, when I saw her in Utah, she took me aside and told me, and I think that I believe pretty much everything. Rats off to her! Anyway, hand shadows, check it:


They even show you how to do Castro.
castro shadow

I guess I did technically finish one book, although it is not the kind of book that you read. As a present to myself (since I figured nobody would get it for me, or even know how to get it) I bought myself Gore, the new art book by Black Dice (you know, the band that trashed living rooms seven years ago but now makes heady noise music). It's mostly a bunch of mash-up collages and photo journal type stuff. It makes me want to do my own book like this. It's a very colorful and strange book, kind of like their music, so if you are into that, you might be into this. A quick read too! Also, I think that one thing in the cabbage on the cover might be a vagina or something.
black dice-gore

Thanks to the huge new trend in gift certificate-giving, I was able to get the following books and even have $7 in credit left over:

The perfect book for a nerd like me. Two of my favorite things.
won thing

Fargo Rock City is a book that I have wanted to read for a long time. I read a few pages at the store, and it seems so incredibly tasty. I can't wait to really get into it for real. A nerd's take on heavy metal and pop culture. Surely it will kick ass.

I saw Jon Stewart in the movie Word Play (which everyone should see, it is brilliant, and it includes some choice footage of a very left-handed St. Clinton talking about crossword puzzles) and gained some real respect for him. I had seen this book at a friend's house, and after reading the section on Scandanavia, I decided it would be perfect for my bathroom.
america the book

When I got home from being gone for two weeks, there was some pretty exciting mail waiting for me. My membership kit from Club Cranium finally arrived!

Although I wasn't expecting much, here is what was included: My Club Cranium membership card, which actually came with my name already printed on it! I am now a member of the Cranium family.
cranium card

Also included was a Cranium refrigerator game. That's right, the backing of this mutha is magnetic. The first question is insultingly easy, right?
cran refrig

Unlike the first question, some of the challenges are pretty, um, challenging. For example, is there anyone out there who can do this one? It is ridiculously difficult for me to even comprehend.
no way
Not bad, for being free, I guess. Can't complain.

So what was I really reading this holiday season?
The manual for my new phone. Yeah. Dork city. I know. I am, however, now fully prepared to catch a celebrity being racist. The writing for this manual is so absolutely passionate. You can tell that some technical writer really put their heart into this one. I literally could not put it down during the section on Bluetooth connectivity.

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