Monday, October 01, 2007

Final Battle: Dreams vs. Dreams

Is it totally strange or completely unsurprising that the word "dream" has similar yet dual meanings in so many different languages? There are the dreams that visit you when you sleep, and then there are the dreams that you envision when you are awake. From what I can tell, these two things seem to be related to the word "dream" almost universally. But these two things are pretty different though. When somebody asks you "What are your dreams in life?" you don't usually say "my teeth crumbling" or "that I throw a big party and make a bunch of food and then nobody comes" or other dreams of the nocturnal sort. The right answer is something like "to be a force for peace" or "to hold the world's record for wearing the most layers of sweatpants at one time." Sleep dreams are weird mash-ups and remixes of desires, fears, and whatever has been happening lately. Goal dreams are these things that you envision for yourself some day in the future, and unless you are really wise at a young age, they usually end up getting killed by the various reality-checks that life serves up. Why is it the same word, the same sound, and the same neighborhood of brain real estate? They seem like very different things.

Counterpoint Dude: Man, I think you are a dreamer. You have not lost the glow. You still get excited about the dumbest stuff. It's like how a dog's tail wags, you twitch your leg in anticipation of a cup of ice water with a lemon wedge at a restaurant. You have dreams, dreams of elves and underground tunnels and pantie nudity. You've still got your Candy Land in there somewhere. Dude. In case you haven't noticed, we practically live in a paradise, a world where nobody is allowed to die on bad terms.

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