Monday, October 01, 2007

Itty Ditty

prov 13-12too

My song from the Rapscallionz + Volmar + Parenthetical Girls show on 11/21/06.

Get stupid. Shoot an arrow like cupid. Use a word that don't mean nothing, like "looptid."

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I'm looking forward to having lots of time to think about things I like to think about. What will I do when I finally have time to do all the things I have been wanting to do? Probably pick up some new hobby that won't do nobody no good, like POGs. I was really into POGs during the winter of 1992, or 1993 I forget. I battled my cousins for the coveted "Elf Boy" POG.

I think I am ready to take blogging to the next level. I am ready to go pro. I need to start being more concerned about my blogging career. My dream would be to keep doing exactly this, but do it for like VH1 and get paid about $25K a year. Imagine how retarded it would be if this was all I had to worry about. It's like basically finals week for me, and yet all I want to do is write about cooking and bath temperatures and capsule hotels and board games. Is there something wrong?

My life is not particularly interesting, and yet, I really feel like I have a story to tell. I feel like what I experience, and the ways that I look at things have a lot of value. Isn't that messed up?! I know! The other day I watched this NOVA movie about a guy who had his brain messed up in an accident, and he would look at his mom and dad and say that they were impostors, they looked just like them, but that they were not really his mom and dad. As I was watching this, I thought to myself, "that's weird, I feel kind of like that sometimes." Have you ever had someone do something that is seems so out of character that you have to just wonder if it is the real them you are talking to? Like, you are begging for that person to return to their body and start being the person that you thought they were? Man, it's weird. It sucks!

Then there is the other side of that, which is that I realize how emotionally dense I can be. Like, I fail to see the value in things that are very obviously valuable and important. I am looking at the real thing, and it looks real, but something about it just seems fake or weird or impostorish. I guess what I am saying is that it's hard to feel good about good things all the good time. But then other times things feel gooder. In the end, the guy's brain HEALED ITSELF. This guy, his name was David, his parents tricked him into recognizing them as the real things. For example, they discovered that he would never suspect they were impostors if they called him on the phone, for some reason. So they did that, and other things, and eventually he got better, and they showed him hanging out with his parents and they looked like they were having a pretty good time.

There was also a guy on this NOVA thing who was missing an arm but who felt pain in the missing arm. Like, he claimed to feel pain in his hand, even though the hand was gone. They're called phantom limbs, and you might have one without even knowing it! I kind of related to that too. I don't have any missing limbs, but I feel like stuff that was once there and now is not is still kind of there and needs attention. They said that the brain requires stimulation in all areas that you are used to having stimulation, and that when you lose the nerves that are associated with that part of the brain's stimulation, the brain starts to create its own stimulation. Can you believe it?! I know! I think this is maybe why I have dreams where I am on my mission again. Or other dreams in which things are like they used to be in some way.

Also, there were snacks at the NOVA viewing. Mike & Ike, M&M's (peanut and regular), pretzel rods, Gardetto's Snack-En's, Hot Tamales, and I can't remember what else, a bunch of stuff I am forgetting. You were supposed to put them in cups. The M&M's were good when eaten with the pretzel rods. I did that a lot.

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