Monday, October 01, 2007

Theo & Me

theo cover

Have you ever had a question about life that you felt would best be answered by Theo from The Cosby Show? Sure, we all have. Mad props to Kari Jorgensen for giving me a book called Theo & Me by Malcolm Jamal Warner (a.k.a. Theo Huxtable). It is full of gems of wisdom. Much of the book's content consists of answers to questions that Malcolm's fans have asked him in fan mail. Here are a few of my favorite fan mail excerpts:

theo 4
theo 5
theo 6
theo 7
theo 8
theo 9
theo 10
theo 11
theo 12
theo 13
theo 14
theo 15
theo 16
theo 17

In case you don't remember why Theo Huxtable was worthy of all this fan mail:

Theo, I too like the ostentatious clothes you wear.

-Mike, 29

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